Terms & Conditions

It would be a good idea to go through the Terms and Conditions carefully mentioned herewith before using this website or its content. The way you use the services mentioned on this website is entirely dependent on your approval of these Terms and Conditions. We want to inform you that you understand and accept these Terms and Conditions by using this website.

flightdealshub reserves the right to alter or change these clauses at its sole discretion at any time.

Standard Terms and Conditions

All the goods and services offered and guaranteed by the Company are subject to payment before the flight's departure. For tickets paid by check, the customer will have to await the clearing of the cheque to receive the ticket.

flightdealshub reserves the right to following:

  • To cancel a flight before the departure date, and if this is done, the Company is responsible only to refund the money paid by the Traveler for the ticket.
  • Any expedition, trip, or facility marketed or published by the Company may be amended, altered, differed from or withdrawn. The Company is not responsible for any compensation, additional costs, or consequential losses incurred by the Traveler/Group.
  • No one, except the Group, has the right to incorporate, vary, waive or change any representation, definition or Terms and Conditions set here forth or in the Group Brochure with the Company's written consent.

The Company shall not be accountable to the Traveler/Group in any circumstances.
Any misadventure or similar cause that may result in an accident, death, illness or personal loss, injury, higher cost, delay or consequential harm

However induced, any act or default induced by any air carrier, travel element supplier, or any servant/agent employed by the travel element supplier who may be responsible for the provision of lodging, meals, carriage facility, or the Traveler/Group service. In this case, the phrase "howsoever induced" also refers to any concerned person's negligence.

The Company reserves the right to increase surcharge in the event of currency fluctuation and/or adjustments in the different exchange rate and/or fuel costs before departure. If and when this price rise occurs, they must be paid in full.

The traveler/group is responsible for ensuring that they have valid travel documents, such as a passport, visa, or government ID, and keep all their original documents safe. If any such travel document is expired, rejected,  or is cancelled by the authorities, the traveler/group will be responsible for any consequences and expenditures that may arise. When travelling international stopover flights, a visa or travel authorization can be necessary. It will be the Traveler's/Group's responsibility to read and understand the conditions in advance and bring all the required documentation to board a flight. flightdealshub Travels will also bear no responsibility for the aforementioned matter(s).

The ticket fare does not include the cost of insurance premium. Throughout the tour and back, all tour programmes and tour packages are governed by laws, rules, and regulations. The Company will bear no responsibility for any situation that arises from such laws or as a result of a natural disaster.

Any complaint made by the Traveler (including complaints made on behalf of other travellers in the Group via the Traveler) in connection with or as a result of the tour must be sent in writing the company official email id within 21 days of the tour/travel date. No claim or complaint filed post 21 days will be considered in any circumstances. In case of a group travelling together,  the complaint must be submitted by that one traveler or the group leader only.

The company would not be responsible to any traveller for a refund, reimbursement, or even a demand due to a reduction in the number of tour days or due to the postponement, cancellation, or re-routing of any other scheduled transportation service due to any environmental or any such factors. The rules governing cancellation fees and refunds will apply.

Plan My Trip Group Travels can cancel any travel/service reservation(s) associated with your name, email ID, or account, as well as close any associated Plan My Trip Group Travels accounts if your booking/account shows any indication of fraud, violence, or any other type of suspicious activity.

If you engage in any criminal activity, flightdealshub Travels retains the right to pursue any legal action required, and you will be liable to pay a monetary fine to flightdealshub Travels, which may include civil costs and damages. Please contact flightdealshub Customer Service to challenge the cancellation of a booking/freezing/closure of an account.

In case of Dispute(s)

For any disputes, problem, confusion related to our product or service, we will try to manage with our sincere approach. Though you can pursue claims, if any, in the following manner:

By dealing with us, you agree to contact flightdealshub Travels Customer Support division to settle any conflict or allegation about the website, dealing with our agents, any service or product offered by us, any kind of representation made by us, or our Privacy Policy.

Except when you assert a Claim on an individual basis in court for small claims, if they qualify, any Claim will be settled by binding mediation rather than in court. Except when you assert a Claim on an individual basis in court for small claims, if they qualify, any Claim will be settled by binding mediation rather than in court.

In mediation, there is no need for a judge or jury, and court review of the mediation award is limited. A mediator, on the other hand, will grant damages and relief on an individual basis, just like a judge, and must obey and enforce these Terms & Conditions just like a court does.

The American Arbitration Association (AAA) will administer the mediations under its own set of rules, which includes the AAA Consumer Rules. Except as given in this section, all filing, administration, and mediator fees will be regulated by the AAA's regulations.

Any and all claims settlement proceedings will be handled on an individual basis, not as a class, combined, or delegated action. This agreement is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act and federal mediation rules. Any court with competent jurisdiction will validate the mediation decision.